Our Seven Proven Reasons

Why companies in your industry work with us year after year.

1. Unrivaled Industry Knowledge

We know your world. For nearly 18 years, we've been the leading provider of custom Websites and Internet marketing services in your industry. By focusing on a select group of professions, we've gained unique and invaluable “insider” intelligence. Expertise we've sharpened through national memberships in more than 20 trade associations and relationships with major industry suppliers. So, we know what works, what doesn’t and why. Which is also why we're recommended by these associations to advise members just like you. You've probably seen us speak at conferences, read our articles or attended one of our quarterly Webinars. We’re set up to help you rule your local market – and keep you a dominant player year-in, year-out.

2. Genuine Personal Service

We specialize in specialists. We hire people who are experts in their area and share our passion for producing results. Which is why we are so proactive in our advice and recommendations. We always give you a realistic assessment of what can be done and why. Then we partner with you to develop Web designs, as well as search and retention marketing campaigns, tailored to your specific goals. Custom solutions made possible by truly getting to know you, then applying our unique skill sets in making every dollar work smarter.

3. A Family of Real People Doing Real Work

We're proud of our loyal staff. Most have worked with us for close to 14 years! We treat them like family, and this carries over to how we treat our clients. We're always hearing customers say the more they get to know us, the more they like us. They like the real-world insights evident in everything we do. They like our transparent, collaborative approach. They like that we're U.S. residents, real people always available by email or phone during normal hours. With so much to like, we're honored by their loyalty: A 92% year-over-year client retention rate. Thanks everyone.

4. Proven Long-Term Partner

At Market Hardware, we're more than a vendor. We're a proven partner that’s built more than 5,000 results-driven Websites in industries just like yours. In the process, we've acquired unique expertise about what works in your industry and how to generate higher sales at the lowest cost. Equally important, we work hard to develop long-term working partnerships. We don't just want your business so we can hit our own quarterly goals. We want to keep your business and help it grow year after year with the smartest Internet marketing available.

5. The Perfect Size

We're larger and more reliable than any group of freelancers, and more focused than the bureaucratic giants. Our nimble size allows us to deliver customized service, while offering better solutions than the big boys do – and backed by the industry knowledge they lack. We work on a first name basis and earn our keep every day. Our attention to a select group of industries enables us to spend more time with each client. We’re intentionally structured to get to know your unique needs and make your “Web success” priority one.

6. Cutting Edge

Our people are plugged into the top levels at Google, Facebook and more. So our staff gets to preview what's next. We also get invited to “By Invitation Only” events hosted by the major players. Game changing scoops and endorsements that enable us to give our clients a genuine, competitive edge. Advantages you won't get from independent tech-geeks or big corporations who don't enjoy the person-to-person access we do. The Web, Google and Facebook are constantly evolving, and we evolve with them. It's the cutting edge, freshly sharpened just for you.

7. Digital Experts

We're not tech geeks; we're marketing geeks with technical expertise. Modesty aside, we're very good at what we do. Technically, our Websites and Internet Marketing campaigns deliver measurable staying power. We also “walk the talk” with results endorsed by countless client testimonials from businesses like yours. Their Websites reflect the technical know-how that we're constantly refining. Web Marketing changes, yet the need for smarter adaptations never does. Adapt or fail; it's a hard truth we skillfully apply in helping our clients thrive.